The Web Mistress


Name: Ara Monique Camille Yap Sandel

Nickname/s: Yuki-chan, Del, Nique,

Tin-Tin, Dragon *rawr* ( by my brothers, LOL ), Gon, Pags, Pagong

Birth date: August 26

Age: 18 ^_^              

Citizenship: Filipino

Location: Manila, Philippines

Ethnicity: I am a mix breed of Filipino / Spanish / Chinese heritage. 

Favorite Color/s: Green and Pink

School: Ateneo de Manila University

Course: BS- Health Sciences    

Interests: Anime, Everything Japanese, Turtles, Cosplay, BJD Dolls, Horror Flicks , drawing , Playstation games , GACKT , strawberry , milk , Books ,Poetry , Korean movies, Asian dramas, Harajuku Fashion, Tamagotchi, Oreos, Milkshake,  White Chocolates,

Started blogging since: I started blogging since I was in my third year in high school. Because I didn't know how to use HTML nor CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets ), I used Blurty as my blog server since it was really user friendly. After surfing many tutorial sites and studying the different codes used by a variety of great sites, I was able to produce amateur attempts in making my own layouts since then.


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   You could email me in either of the two email addresses above since I open both of them often. The first email add above is the one that I use for YM  ( Yahoo Messenger ), so those who want to add me up could use that email add.


    proud to be a paulinian! hehe dragon wings! reminds me of card captor sakura! haha yes! i LOVE them! specially the j-rockers! yahoo!

    i love milk!! yummy the coke snowcone is the best there is born virgo...



1)  Go to Japan!

2) Meet Parokya ni Edgar

3) Get to see Gackt and Laruku in person!

4) Learn how to play the guitar

5) Have all the books by Lemony Snicket

6) Manga Scanlations on cheap cds

7) Full GTO anime episodes

8) Get myself a gig of any kind

9) Avril Lavigne cds and dvds

10)  Green electric guitar ( bass or lead )

11)  C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia

12)  Moogle and Chocobo Plushie

13)  ipod photo 40GB

14)  Brand new apple laptop for college

15)  Be with my chicksilog for a day

16) Join a cosplay competition

17) Harry Potter book 6: Half- blood prince

18)  Knee High boots for future j-rock cosplay

19) Meet Champ Lui-Pio of HALE

20) The new Tamagotchi ( with infrared )

21) A White PSP

22) Mini Nintendo DS



Choice of Noise


Parokya ni Edgar // Rivermaya // Eraserheads* // 6cyclemind // Sugarfree // Sessionroad // Barbie's Cradle* // Kamikazee// Spongecola//

Mayonnaise //Bamboo // L'Arc~en~Ciel // Gackt //  MaliceMizer*// BoA // Utada Hikaru //

Vanness Wu // Ken Zhu // Vic Zhou // Harlem Yu //  5566 // Black Eyed Peas // Avril Lavigne // Eminem // All American Rejects // Miyavi // Hideto Takarai // Kiss // Morning Musume //Ashlee Simpson // Kitchie Nodal // T.M. Revolution // Linkin' Park // Hansons // Alicia Keys // Sean Paul // Sugar Ray // Hilary Duff // Ayumi Hamasaki // X-Japan // Luna Sea* // Switchfoot // Evanescence // Blink 182 // Green day // Moonstar 88 // Vertical Horizon // Simple Plan // Hale // Chantal Kreviazuk // Dido // Gorillaz // D12 //Aerosmith // Busted //The Corrs // Creed // Faye Wong // Kinki Kids //  Goo Goo Dolls // Maroon5 // Ronan Keating // Shaggy // Siakol // Sixpence none the

richer // Freestyle // Stonefree // Orange and Lemons // M.Y.M.P. // PuffyAmiYumi // Ken Hirai//

Itchyworms // Brownman Revival // Satou Akemi //Ayumi Hamasaki //  Pierrot // Smash Pumpkin // Arashi // Callalily // Sandwich // Psycho le Cemu // Stephen Lynch



-->the one's with the * are already disbanded. LOL :)